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Liger Curve Fish Bone Scissor ST-6518T

Liger Curve Fish Bone Scissor ST-6518T

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6.5"18 Teeth curved fish bone scissors Length
Number of teeth: 18
Mesh Knife shape: flat teeth
Steel: Japanese alloy steel
Bearing: ball bearing
Trim type: open type

Scissors features 1 - Open type, fast and stable
2 - Straight repair of the toothless belt, shortening the time by half
3 - Special knife setting, no slippery, fully positioned
4 - The ball bearing design is smoother
5 - Extra large hair removal, fast trimming
6 - Special short handle for larger opening and closing angles and more comfortable Special for open type, extra large hair removal shortens the trimming time, suitable for full body trimming for complex shape opening. Stable and fast.

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