The Importance of Regular Brushing

The Importance of Regular Brushing

Tangles and mats can be very painful and irritating for your pet. Pets often suffer from knots and tangles when brushing is not done properly and regularly. Mats and tangles are more common in dog and cat breeds that have curly and double coats. In severe cases of tangles and mats, a pet's coat suffers from a condition called "Pelting.

You can prevent your pet from tangle and mats. In this post, we will discuss the detrimentaleffects of mats and tangles and the importance of regular brushing and grooming.

Detrimental effects of mats and tangles

Your pet, whether it's your dog or your cat, can suffer from tangles when their fur becomes tangled in clumps or masses. If these clumps stay there for a long time, they will attract morehair and continue to grow stronger and bigger. These mats and tangles occur mainly from lack of brushing. As long as your pet's coat is wet and has not been brushed and your dog is rolling in the dirt, the result is that he will pick up burrs, sticks, and fecal matter.

Matting can be minimal to severe. In minimal matting, mostly the affected areas are the feet, behind the ears, and in the armpits, but even so, this minimal matting is a continual source oftension and irritation to the underlying skin. In such cases, dogs usually lick to relieve the itch, but it can only worsen the condition.

In extreme cases of mats and tangles, a blockage occurs, and airflow to the skin is cut off,leading to skin damage such as bruising, open sores, skin discoloration, and a breedingspace for parasites and fleas.

In short, knots and tangles are painful, and even a mild case of tangles can put your pet under stress. When this matted and tangled coat is brushed, it will pull live hair from the skin,causing more pain. Similarly, when dogs or cats continuously lick any area, it will cause redness, discomfort, irritation, and the spread of infection, along with sores and swelling.

Importance of brushing and regular pet grooming

To keep your pet's fur and coat healthy, you need to groom them regularly. It will be of greathelp to brush your pets properly daily instead of waiting to take them to the groomers.

When you groom your dog regularly, the natural oil from the coat will be distributed evenly throughout the body, and dirt, dead hair, and dander are removed. The same goes for cat grooming; regular brushing of their fur makes their coat shiny and healthy, keeping it tangle and mat free.

There are many benefits to regular grooming of your pet, so take time out of your busyschedule to have your dog or cat groomed.

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