• Our Puppies & Kittens

    Let us help you complete your family with a perfect and healthy puppy or kitten!


    Our local and imported Puppies and Kittens come from devoted and loving breeders. They are not just cute and cuddly, they are also healthy and well-bred from good quality bloodlines. Here at Dollhouse Pets, we provide consultation services to match prospective owners to their perfect pet.

    Contact us for a viewing appointment and let our friendly consultant give you advice on how to select a pet that best suits you and your lifestyle.


    Our Puppies are housed in a large play-room were they can play, socialise and go through potty-training during their time with us. We believe that play, training, socialising and proper nutrition are essential for their growth and wellbeing. 

    We do not condone impulsive purchases of puppies, and our puppies will only be sold to responsible owners who can provide good and loving homes. All prospective buyers will have to go through a compulsory assessment on whether or not they are suitable to own a puppy. 

    Contact us today regarding our Show Quality and Pet Quality Puppies. 

  • Sable Pomeranian

  • Black Toy Poodle

  • Mini Maltese

  • Red Toy Poodle

  • Cream Pomeranian

  • Lilac Selkirk Rex

  • Apricot Toy Poodle

  • Cream Teacup Poodle

  • Tricolour Chihuahua