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Doctor B's Barf



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Raw meaty bones, offal, veges, fruit, and other healthy foods like raw eggs, yoghurt, kelp, healthy seeds and oils and other herbs…. all from Doctor B’s healthy food pyramid form the basis of our BARF diets for dogs and cats.
Just as important is what is NOT in any Doctor B’s BARF recipe:
No added salt or sugar
No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
No fillers, grains or gluten
No genetically modified ingredients
No heat-damaged nutrients
None of these are natural or healthy for pets, nor are they what evolution designed them to eat. We only include wholesome raw foods, the way nature intended our pets to eat to help them live a long, active, happy & healthy life.

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Each box weighs 2.72 kg and contains 12 individually wrapped frozen patties of 227 g each.
*IMPORTANT NOTE: The "100% Satisfaction Or Your Money Back Guarantee" as printed on the box is only applicable for food sold in Australia.

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