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Dom & Cleo

Dom&Cleo True Colloidal Silver Gel (2OZ)

Dom&Cleo True Colloidal Silver Gel (2OZ)

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Dom&Cleo True Colloidal Silver Gel
-With aloe vera hydrogel

Soothing and non-stinging
To promote and enhance wound healing 

Organic Aloe Vera gel with the anti-microbial properties of true colloidal silver provides a moist aniti-microbial medium for wounds to heal better, often with minimal scabbing and scarring.

Dom&Cleo Organics True Colloidal Silver is safe, non toxic and is one of the oldest antimicrobials known to man. Silver Colloids is known to be effective against more than 650 disease-causing organisms (virus, bacteria, fungus)

How to use:
Apply a modest amount to cleaned, debris free wounds, bites, cuts, skin infection and keep covered with sterile, non woven gauze dressing whenever possible. Reapply CS Aloe Hydrogel and change dressing at least twice daily till wound has fully healed or infection has fully cleared. Apply frequently to prevent wound dry-out if used without dressing. May also be used on injured or infected gums and as a tooth brushing gel.

True Colloidal Silver and Aloe Vera Gel

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