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GiGwi Pop-Pals High Bounce Ball Dog Toy

GiGwi Pop-Pals High Bounce Ball Dog Toy

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GiGwi latest innovation uses the world's leading high-performance responsive material, Infinergy, exclusively authorized by BASF.

When GiGwi innovation meets expanded TPU technology, Pop Pals was born. Pop-pals is incredibly soft, light, bouncy and durable.

This toy is definitely irresistible to your dog. Suitable for fetch & chewing.

  • Durability – Last for any length of time for your dog’s powerful jaws.

  • Non-Toxic – Molding in water steam, chemical residues free, pure fun.

  • Easy to Clean – Just rinse with water and it will look brand-new.

  • High Elasticity – Bounce as never before.

  • Lightweight – Incredibly light, more games, no load.

  • Teething - Soft and comfort material designed for your dog's teeth.

Suitable For
Dogs of all ages.

Product Measurements
Diameter 2.5in (6.35cm) & Diameter 3in (7.6cm).

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