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Hiko 6.5" Curve Chunkers

Hiko 6.5" Curve Chunkers

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These curved chunkers are specially made to suit any type of groomer at any stage of their grooming career. Whether you are a beginner, a professional or a competition winner, our Curved Chunkers will add professional value and style to your grooms and help you achieve perfect finishes. Made from high-quality Japanese steel and designed with an ergonomic handle for better control and a comfortable grip – they were made to stand the test of time and made to improve your day-to-day life. 

  • Length: 7 Inch
  • Number of teeth: 18
  • Knife shape: Flat teeth, Curved Blade
  • Steel: 440c Japan Steel
  • Bearing: Super Ball Bearing


  • Fast and stable
  • Cuts scissoring and shaping time by 50%
  • Special knife setting, non-slip  
  • Super Smooth Ball Bearing
  • Precise chunking and shaping, fast trimming
  • Special short handle for larger opening and closing angles, suitable for full body and face trimming and excellent for complex shaping. 
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