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Black Hiko Straight Comb

Black Hiko Straight Comb

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The Hiko Straight Comb is an essential grooming tool. Its fine-toothed design flawlessly shapes and styles hair, creating a polished, professional look. Made of strong, durable plastic, this comb's design is resistant to breakage, ensuring a long-lasting, reliable tool.

This straight comb is suitable for all breeds and coat types. It can be used to detangle all kinds of coats. The fine and thin metal teeth reaches deep into the coat, picking up each and every strand of hair from the skin. It also reduces the static in the coat, separating hairs that are stuck together. 

The teeth smoothly glides through the coat to achieve maximum volume. Works perfectly to get through any type of coat, from root to tip. The comb is extremely light, which is easy on the wrist and hands. 

Teeth: 46 wide, 22 narrow
Type: Straight
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