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Liger Thinning Scissor ST-6530W

Liger Thinning Scissor ST-6530W

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6.5 stag antler air thinning shears
Length: 6.5"
Number of teeth: 30 mesh
Knife shape: 5W type antler teeth
Steel: Japanese alloy steel
Bearing: ball bearing
Trim type: open / fine repair / Japanese air trim Scissors features

1 - Specially spaced antler teeth. Quickly create a fluffy feel
2 - No trace of teeth, quick repair without leaving marks
3 - Special knife setting, no slippery, fully positioned
4 - The ball bearing design is smoother
5 - All-round body head trimming 5W antler teeth, perfect for the Japanese pet grooming essential elements fluffy air, mushroom head, large speaker dedicated, seamless design for three-dimensional pattern open trim.

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