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Petz Route

Petz Route Cat Teaser Toy Mouse Stick - 45 x 70 cm

Petz Route Cat Teaser Toy Mouse Stick - 45 x 70 cm

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The Petz Route Mouse Cat Teaser Toy is a classic teaser toy with a innovative twist.

The Mouse will attract your cat's attention with its colors and the sounds it makes.

This cat toy makes a crackling sound from the wings when dangled, and a bell-rattling sound when shaken.

You can either swing this toy back and forth and have your cat chase it, or you can dangle this toy to lure your cat to stalk and bat it.

The Mouse helps to promote exercise and interactive play for your cat while satisfying his/her hunting instincts.

The string for the cat toy is two times more durable and strong than regular cat teaser toy and it is also safe for your cat to play with.

- Used strong Polyester string
- Makes sounds that cats love
- 3 layer coating

Suitable for:
- Cats

45 cm (rod) x 70 cm (string)

Vinyl Chloride , Polyester , Polyester Rayon & PET


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